50 Years of SA Ab Divers Blowing Bubbles

Ab yarns

A new book is due to be launched next week in celebration of the South Australian Abalone Industries 50h Anniversary.

The book titled AB Yarns: 50 years of blowing bubbles created by the Abalone Industry Association of SA highlights the history and legends of the western zone abalone fishery.

The publication tells the tales of present and late ab pioneers who submerged beneath the surface in search of the delicacy, sharing the dangers that come with the diving experience.

Rex Bichard from the Abalone Association says there are many risks that are associated with ab diving and sharks are just one of them.

 “It’s basically a story of the pioneers in the industry and how it eventuated in different events that have occurred in that time and it’s got a history about shark cages that we developed on the West Coast, there have been different tragedies within the industry and also diving incidents, its actually just struck me how dangerous the game has been frankly,”

“The shark problem is probably third down the list, there is a chapter on shark stories, but the first would be diving related business, you know abalone diving involves being underwater for long periods of time, decompression depths and air supply- this can cause many complications.”

“Boating incidents would be second on the list, the book describes some interesting stories from along the way including boat explosions and scary encounters.”

The book launch will take place next Friday 15th November at the beer Garden brewing from 3 pm- 5 pm with locals invited to join the association in their celebrations.

AB Yarns: 50 years of Blowing Bubbles will soon be available through local retailers such as The Fresh Fish Place, newsagencies and Dive shop.