RAA recommends distance.

Eyre peninsula motorists are being reminded to adjust their driving during wet  weather, following the release of RAA Insurance claims data which shows a ten percent increase  in rear-end collisions during wet weather months.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said; “When roads are wet it takes a longer distance to stop, so motorists must keep a greater space between themselves and the vehicle in front in these conditions,”

RAA road safety calculations have shown, cars travelling at just 50km/h required  almost 10 metres more stopping distance in the wet compared to dry conditions.
These calculations also show that a car applying the brakes at 50km/h in the wet is still travelling 33km/h at the point a car braking in the dry has come to a stop.

“A collision at 33km/h can still cause serious injury – or prove fatal to vulnerable road users such as cyclists or pedestrians,’’ Mr Mountain said.

The report also notes the latest police figures showing 2754 motorists were caught tailgating last year, resulting in more than half a million dollars in fines.