Local cafe's welcome patrons back

Following the State Governments announcement on Wednesday, local cafes and restaurants are thrilled that as of today they will be able to welcome up to 20 patrons to dine at their venue.



Local cafes and restaurant will now be permitted to allow up dine 10 patrons to dine inside and 10 patrons outside.

The government is lifting restrictions in effort to accelerate local jobs and business recovery, while rewarding South Australians for their outstanding efforts over many weeks in helping stop the spread of this virus.

Local Café Owner Nino Tangredi from the Boston Bay Diner says business is already seeing an increase and they are looking forward to allowing more people to come and enjoy their venue.

“People are just really hangin' out to get in here, sit down and have a discussion, have something to eat and sit down with their friends."

“They’ve done really well, you know, we’ve gotta be all proud of what us South Aussies have done here, and this is our little reward for doing the right things which is good.”

 “We might have to skip a booth or two but hopefully we can have our proposal approved that is asking to have plastic screens up between each booth like you see in supermarkets, that way each booth is more separated from the next.”

“The council have been really good to us in helping up push for that.” Said Nino