AFE Boats Convoy to Farewell Local Legend Sime Sarin


Yesterday afternoon a convoy of AFE tuna boats gathered at the Port Lincoln foreshore to farwell and honour the passing of local leader, Sime (Sam) Sarin.

Approximately 14 tuna boats lined up from 3.30pm near the town jetty until sunset, where they let off flares as a small ceremony in the water.

Mr. Sarin arrived in Australia in the 1950’s as a Croatian immigrant and in 1978 formed AFE, now one of the world’s largest tuna ranching companies.

Mr. Sarine was not only widely known in the Port Lincoln community but also across the country for his hard work and business success.

Port Lincoln Mayor Brad Flaherty says it’s sad that we have lost Sime Sarin but he’s left a magnificent legacy around Port Lincoln.

“Sam was of those quite benefactors for the city, he did a huge amount for Port Lincoln he did a huge amount for the city and didn’t let many people know about it so unless you knew what was going on things would just happen and Sam was that person who gave a huge amount of support to the city and he wasn’t prominent about letting everyone know about it.”

“Sam was a pioneer back in the 60’s and right through up until he backed away from the industry, personally he was a prominent figure all the way through in new techniques and new considerations and all I can hope is that his company will continue on in that fashion and the industry will remember where they come from.”

Sam Sarine also made his way into the Australian Seafood Industry Hall of fame.







Image credit: Eyre Peninsula Broadcasters