Fishermen Warned Not to Fish in Marine Sanctuary Zones

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Sixteen fishers have been formally issued with warning notices for fishing illegally within the Cowleds Landing and the Cuttlefish Coast marine sanctuary zones near Whyalla.

Marine sanctuary zones are established to help conserve important marine habitats and species, with certain activities regulated within these areas, with no fishing or collecting allowed.

National Parks and Wildlife Service Senior Ranger, Lana Roediger is reminding fishermen and vessel occupants that collecting bait worms, beach fishing, drifting through the area in a boat for squid or fishing from a kayak is not permitted in these areas.”

Regular shore and boat patrols will occur in the sanctuary zones in the Whyalla area over the coming months.

Failure to comply with the Marine Parks Act 2007 may result in warnings or expiations issued to repeat offenders.

Fishers are encouraged to do the right thing and help protect the state’s marine environment by fishing outside of these conservation areas.

For help locating South Australia’s sanctuary zones please visit