Eyre Peninsula to See More Signs

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In effort to help boost tourism on the Eyre Peninsula, Premier Steven Marshall has announced the state government will be injecting $200,000 for signage to go towards the Eyes on Eyre program.

The program aims to draw more travellers into the EP when travelling between the eastern and western states.

The idea came from Member for Flinders Peter Telaar who highlighted many travellers traveling between the two states don’t come down to the Eyre Peninsula because of the lack of signage.

Premier Marshall says locals can expect to see those signs popping up.

“Tourist operators said to me, we need better signage on the EP directing people down to the Peninsula and around the EP getting them to stay that extra day or two because when they do that they spend their money.

“So motorists will see those signs popping up. More signs are planned for the whole state but the pilot the number one priority is here on the EP.” Said Marshall.







Image credit: Sourced