Mentally Fit EP Discuss Issues the Region Face with Hon John Dawkins MLC

Hon John Dawkins MLC mentally fit EP

Following a sit down at Mentally Fit EP with Hon John Dawkins MLC, premier’s Advocate for suicide prevention, the Eyre Peninsulas mental health network were given the opportunity to voice some of the issues that are of concern on mental health emergencies, support and funding available and how it’s dealt with here on the EP.

Topics of discussion saw some of the biggest issues the region faces is the lack of immediate help for those in a mental health crisis and how it’s becoming a growing issue with limited recourses, trained mental health professionals and security present to keep staff safe during an emergency.

Also of concern, it was discussed that in some circumstances locals in a mental health crisis have left hospital staff no choice but to turn away patients.

West Coast Community Support Services Jo Clark said another problem they face is the lack of staff funding to support ongoing roles within Mentally Fit EP with many staff and volunteers putting in tireless hours to continue their role in helping the community. 








Image credit: Mentally Fit EP