Spring Prescribed Burns

fire pexels Marcos Allasio

Locals can expect to see the State Government’s spring prescribed burns roll out over the coming weeks.

The burn season aims to reduce the risk of bushfires with a total of 92 burns planned across the state throughout spring this year and autumn next year.

The burns in coordination with National Parks and Wildlife Services SA and the CFS are strategically chosen to help manage the intensity and extent of future bushfires.

Up to 3 prescribed burns have been proposed for the Eyre and Far West region during spring.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a wetter than average spring, which could impact the Government’s ability to complete all its planned burns this season.

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A list of planned prescribed burns is available on the DEW website.

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Image credit: Marco Allasio, Pexels