Cummins SES Seek New Unit Manager


The Cummins State Emergency Services Unit are on the hunt for a new Unit Manager to lead the team in keeping the community safe.

The SES is looking for a partially retired community member that can undertake a strong leadership role, make decisions and drive a team of volunteers.

SES District Officer for Eyre Peninsula, Paxton Barr says the role would entail approximately 5-6 hours a week including training with the responsibility to manage tasks such as call outs, human recourses, admin and logistics.

“I guess we just want to get our point across that we need a strong leader who is willing to undertake, you know, that general management of a small the like business but based for volunteers and unit manager will be a volunteer themselves.”

“The Cummins Unit is developing its capability in areas in search and rescue with a focus on land search, specialist searches, drones, vertical rescue and marine support and are looking to achieve more within the unit.

“So we’re really looking for someone who is confident and capable of helping the Cummins Unit to do that.” Said Officer Paxton.

Those interested in applying are encouraged to go along to the SES open day which will be held on October 18th in Cummins.






Image credit: SES