Locals Warned of Discount Scam

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Locals are being warned of a discount scam that’s currently cycling the internet.

A new scam has emerged targeting victims via social media offering a service to pay off outstanding bills at a discount.

Unsuspecting victims test the service by providing one of their utility or other bills to the scammers with a stolen credit card used to pay the bill in full.

Victims have then see the amount owed has been paid, verifying the legitimacy of the service.

The scammers then have the target pay the value of the ‘discounted’ bill as a cash deposit via ATM or bank counter.

Later victims are reissued with the original bill and have lost their cash deposit.

South Australia Police remind the community to be suspicious if an offer seems too good to be true and to never give out your private details out over the phone or internet.

If you have been the victim of this type of scam, you can report it at your local police station and online at