New Online Skillfinder Course Available to EP Residents

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Some of the technology sector's biggest names have joined together to launch a brand new skills platform which is available to workers and businesses on the Eyre Peninsula.

Skill Finder will provide free online courses across 12 categories and 144 sub-categories, including graphic design, coding, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Suzanne Steele from Adobe says they're joining other tech companies to provide LOCALS with valuable skills for the post-COVID economy.

“Skillfinder gives local workers and local businesses access to hundreds of online courses for free and we're seeing that the job market is changing as a result of covid it's accelerated digital transformation and the great thing about Skillfinder is it will really help local workers at to their skills and then help those local businesses to upskill their employees.” said Suzanne.











Photo by: Julia M Cameron from Pexels