HAVE YOUR SAY: Should Kmart Get Rid of Boys and Girls Clothing Sections?

kmart petition

An online petition is calling for Kmart to get rid of separate boys and girls clothing sections.

Instead, they want a single unisex section where clothing is sorted by type rather than gender.

“It's time for you to stop classifying children’s clothing by gender,” the petition demands.

“Replace this with one kids’ clothing section, organised by type (e.g. skirts in one area, jeans in another, t shirts in a third, etc.).”

In doing so, they say it will help kids feel more free to choose whatever clothing they want to wear without thinking boys should only be in certain colours and styles and girls in another.

"Nobody reasonably considers certain colours to belong exclusively to a certain gender," it explains. 

"Enough. Get rid of the gender separated clothing sections, and let kids choose exactly what they like without arbitrary boundaries." 

One person who signed the petition summed up the issue with the comment: “I signed because my son loves wearing pink and purple, but there is no such clothing in the boys section, and he’s too self conscious to buy from the girl’s section. I tell him there’s no such thing as girl and boy colours, that he can wear what he likes, but KMart -you are telling him that there is. Let’s not restrict children to draconian gender stereotypes.”



Main image: Change.org