On Eyre Wednesday March 16th


The Wednesday afternoon edition on ON EYRE was jam packed full of guests once more.

Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey phoned in from Canberra to discuss the Cashless Credit Card Trial in Ceduna, long over due changes to the trade practices act and what impact the proposed senate changes could have a possible early or double dissolution election being called.

Maxine Enright joined me on the phone to discuss this Sunday's Melanoma March in Port Lincoln and share her story on how she survived after being diagnosed with the aggressive form of cancer. That is one brave and amazing woman!

Therese Pedler joined me in the studio and managed to bring with her a gentleman's phone number! Nothing sinister in her motives however, Therese had been at the MFS Road Awareness Program Presentation at St. Joseph's School earlier in the day. She managed to convince presenter Gavin Holland to join her on the show to discuss the program and the work that it does in helping new drivers make correct decisions when behind the wheel.

Then I went home...........for a rest............big afternoon.

If you missed the show, check it out below.