On Eyre Thursday March 18th


The final ON EYRE episode for the short week brought with it four guests and a heap of weekend events to come.

 Nicola Ryan from the Cleve Council phoned in for What's on in Cleve.

Michelle Power popped into the studio to discuss the Port Lincoln edition of the Relay for Life.

Friday evening in Port Lincoln the 2016 Relay for Life will be offically launched with over 20 teams expected to take part this year.

Mandy Bowyer returned to discuss What's on in Port Lincoln with a very busy day planned for the town on Sunday.

The also saw the triamphant return of Kerri Cliff from Kimba.

Kerri was well rested after her three week holiday and kept us up to date with What is happening in Kimba (and Europe).

Check out the show below.