On Eyre Monday March 21st


With many shaking off the post Kimba Cup celebrations, Monday's ON EYRE was an understandably relaxed affair.

 Much of the show was spent EYREing out the Community Calander however two regular guests did pop in for a chat.

The always lovley Christine Charlton filled us in on the goings on in Tumby Bay as only she can.

Unforunatly, Senior Constable Vicky Taylor had plenty to chat about in our regular Police news update.

Youth Crime continues to be a problem for local Police with a 14 year boy arrested for stealing and crashing a car over the weekend.

What were you doing at 14 years old? Probably not stealing cars for joyrides.

Not only did this cretin decide to steal the car he took two passangers with him.

After the crash one of his "friends" was injured. So this young stalion decided to flee the scene and leave him there.

Nice work champ, enjoy your cell.