World Wide Web's 30th Birthday

world wide web

Today we celebrate 30 YEARS OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB!

Can you believe it’s only been 30 years?? It feels like it’s been around forever, it’s almost hard to imagine a time without the interwebs. I mean… how did people google their symptoms and confirm they were allergic to water without doctor google?? 

Thirty years ago today Mr. Tim Berners-Lee, a software engineer, submitted a proposal to his boss that would change the world and set technology on fire….he introduced the World Wide Web!!!  (DUN DUN DUUUUN)

Berners-Lee worked at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in 1989 when he proposed an idea for information management. His idea was to better manage and monitor the flow of research at the labs but within it…it had the key to what would be known as the World Wide Web.

It’s kinda cool to learn this history huh? For something we use on a daily basis more often than not, we know very little about it. Totally mind blowing is so many ways. The internet has provided an unfathomable amount of avenues for the entire world.

Google marked this day in recognition of the fact that Google wouldn’t be possible without the brilliant mind of Mr. Berners-Lee. Again…could you imagine a world without google????

Berners-Lee’s proposal contained all of the “basic tech concepts” like HTML, URL and HTTP. However, this wasn’t something that happened overnight. A couple of year’s late two guys that go by the name of Jim Clark and Marc Andreesen promoted the concept of commercial web browsing with Netscape in the mid 90’s.

Today, there are nearly 2 BILLION websites used as platforms to socialise, shop, game, watch and make videos and so forth… the list of possibilities is essentially endless thanks to the world wide web.

Happy 30th Birthday Interwebs. We love you.