Climate Change VS. Federal Election

climate change speech


Ahead of the Federal election we need to take a minute to think about who we're voting in and what they will be doing about climate change. Because reality is, its among us and we need leaders who will recognize the severity of it and that if serious action isn't taken...We are going to be in some big trouble. 

Now, we're destroying our planet but realistically this big rock is going to outlive us but at the end of the day, we want to survive with it too. 

There are far too many political leaders out there that either don't believe in climate change, are ignoring the hard facts of science or just flat out don't care. This boils my blood. It really does. This isn't a matter where 'ignorance is bliss', its real and we are paying for it. 

I recently read an article about the coming generation of voters could potentially have a crucial impact on the upcoming election because our younger generations, those that are 18, are aware of climate change and care about their future. So, with lucky those guys WILL vote and vote for the people up there who will do what they can to protect our planet and our survival. But hey, only time will tell. 

Harris Ford presented a speech in the U.S about climate change the political leaders. It is so moving and true! It's American but it's is still so relevant for us and this is something we all need to be taking on board.