Police Interview

police signs big


Dee had a chat with a local police officer and they discussed some of the issues that lie around car security and car break-ins but also, more importantly, our alarming road toll following the fatal crash near Louth Bay over the weekend. 




Further car security tips from SA Police: 

  • Lock your vehicle doors and close all windows.
  • Install an alarm or immobiliser and activate it every time you leave your vehicle.
  • At night park your vehicle in a well-lit area.
  • Park off the road and if possible in a locked garage.
  • Use secure car parking facilities where available.
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle. If you can’t, then conceal them in the boot before arriving at your destination.
  • Avoid leaving your property in the glove box or centre console – this is the first place thieves look.
  • Mark or engrave your property with your driver’s licence number prefixed by the letter ‘S’ for South Australia.
  • Record the make, model and serial number of electronic equipment, such as GPS devices, laptops and mobile phones.
  • Remove registration papers from your vehicle to prevent thieves identifying your home and easily disposing of your vehicle.
  • Do not place handbags, wallets or other valuable items on the passenger seat where they could be easily grabbed.