Chilean Company Solves Global Issue on Plastic Bags

dissolvable plastic bags


Plastic bags are leaders in plastic waste right next to straws, bottles and take away cups - putting our marine life in danger. 

This Chilean company SoluBag has come up with a genius solution to our global issue...biodegradable bags that DISSOLVE in water!!!! How is this not a thing already? **facepalm**

These bags, feel like plastic and look like plastic but are actually made from a derivative of limestone, and are 100% environmentally friendly. 

Seriously, these Latin countries are coming up with some ripper ideas that could save our planet! Now all we need them to do is take off and go global. It's a bit like that company that makes straws and cutlery from Avacado seeds. Again, genius!

We need more of these ideas! 

Check out the video and see the bags for yourself! 


Pretty awesome huh? Wanna read more about these bags check out this article:







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