TV History for Sale

Cast your mind back to 2013, what were you doing? Likely, as millions of others, watching Clarkson, Hammond and May's Top Gear, where they unveiled the final 'Reasonably Priced Car' a Vauxhall Astra Techline - aka a Holden Astra.

DSC 6436 Edit 980x531

Well now's your chance, it's just gone up for sale, Gentle Low K's, regularly serviced, 1.6l runabout.


It's had a couple of modifications; rollcage,  Corbeau Sprint racing seats, and camera mounts attached to the cage - just incase you wanted to shoot your own Road test, and comes with books!

Different to what you have previously seen on TV, is the exterior decals, featuring the laptimes of all the celebs that once raced the techline; Olly Murs, Nic Hoult, Aaron Paul Will Smith, Margot Robbbie, and more.

 DSC 6438 768x513

As it's in the UK you'd need to organise shipping, but with Bids currently sitting at just 1300 GBP (2300AUD) it's a bit of a steal, with 13 days left on the auction.

 DSC 6506 768x513

Teakle Autosprint car anyone?

'Gentle miles'