5CC Header Afternoons with Anthony Milich 2020


Hi guys, Melanie here from 5CC - it's been a pleasure taking you through the  weekday afternoons with the best songs of all time. I hope you enjoy the classic hits we've been playing. As you may have noticed, we play a fair few INXS tunes - they definitely have such great hits that have been part of your life and mine over the years.  

If you were or are a fan of INXS and iconic front man Michael Hutchence, you might like the new doco about him. It played on the ABC as part of AusMusicMonth and came out on DVD not that long ago. It features the best INXS hits, rare tracks, other music by Warren Ellis of The Dirty Three and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Kylie Minougue makes an appearance!

Check it out below. 

Have a good rest of the day, catch you soon with tunes!