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Improve your internet experience in one step

Touring the world with Google Maps is always good fun, (Have you seen how good the EP looks from space?!) but it's so tedious to go all the way to Google Maps, then click on the satelite image button before you can see the awesomeness.

 So fix it, every time you open chrome, get some epicness in your face.

The Earth View browser extension for Chrome is what you're chasing, using high resolution images (Up to 4k) from buzzy locations around the world, every new tab or browser window you open, gives you a new scene to check out.

It's been built as a spinoff from Google Earth, and it's arguably one of the best extensions you can add to Chrome, OR if you for some reason don't want to add the extension, you can Simply set the Earth View website as your Homepage to add a bit of Jazz to your browsing.

If you're entertaining the idea that the EP isn't featured, you're definately going to want to check out the link above.EP Earthview