INTERVIEW: Therese Pedler Fiery Women


Born out the tragedy of the 2005 Wangary Bush-fire was a program that aimed to give local women the skills they needed to become home defenders.

In the aftermath of the the 2005 tragedy a local focus group determined that there was a knowledge gap that needed filling for those who were left at home to defend it against insurmountable odds.

Those properly trained in defending homes against the threat of bush-fire were often out fighting the blaze with vulnerable people left at home.

These people, usually women, were left to do what they could to defend their homes in the most difficult of circumstances.

Worse, quite often these women were trying to protect their remaining family members, often children, as fire rained down upon them.

It was a recipe for disaster and a tragedy waiting to happen.

The Fiery Women program has been designed to fill the knowledge and training gap for these women.

Therese Pedler is the local CFS Community Engagement officer and I caught up with her earlier this week to go through the program.

We covered everything from what attendees will learn at the Fiery Women workshops to how local women can sign up for a session.