INTERVIEW: Elliston Councillor Kym Callaghan

Kym 1

The local government elections saw many surprises across Spencer Gulf Councils.

New Mayors in Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla.

Port Lincoln elected a former Police superintendent in Brad Flaherty to the head of its table. 

This position had been recently vacated by former Mayor Bruce Green.

These were changes endorsed by the ratepayers who voted accordingly.

In Elliston the situation is very different.

Former Mayor Kym Callaghan was comfortably re elected by his constituents as a Councillor for another term, however the first meeting of the new Council would provide a major shock.

Callaghan was voted out by the new Council in favor of Lock farmer Malcolm Hancock.

Why? That's what I asked Kym when he joined me in the studio earlier this week.