Happy Birthday Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl drums

Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl turns 50 today! 

The former Nirvana drummer has been a staple of the alternative music seen for over three decades and is still going strong. 

Grohl has proven time and time again that along with being rock and roll royalty, he's just a bloody good bloke as well. 

To celebrate his 50th birthday I thought I'd look back at the top three acts that prove Dave Grohl hasn't let his fame and fortune go to his head. 

These just three examples of Grohl proving he is a brilliant human being as well as a master musician. 

3. Grohl left in tears after watching Rockin' 1000 act. 

In July of 2015 a group of 1000 Italian muscians gathered in the small town of Cesena and recorded the Foo Fighters smash hit "Learn To Fly" in an attempt to get the band to play in their city. On seeing the Foo Fighter Rockin' 1000 video clip Grohl was reportedly moved to tears. The video soon went viral, with the band writing “Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena” on their Twitter - that’s “See you soon, Cesena” in English. They followed through on their promise by playing a massive 27 song set for the 1000 musos, starting with what else but "Learn To Fly". After rattling through half a dozen songs for those in attendance Grohl gave the group an emotional thank you. 

2. A special keep sake for 10 Year Old Collier Cash. 

Foo Fighters fans were treated to something special at last years concert in Kansas City, Missouri. The band made it a night to remember by covering Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” with a twist after Dave invited a young fan onstage to play guitar for the performance. In fan-filmed footage, Grohl is seen asking the 10-year-old fan named Collier Cash Rule if he knew how to play guitar, to which he replied “yes.” 

After rocking the Metalica classic he went on to rip through riffs from several other Metalica classics, impressing Grohl so much he gave Collier one of his own guitars to take with him as a momento. 

1. Dave finishes concert after braking leg and dislocating ankle. 

This is where the legend of Dave Grohl was solidified for ever. The Foo Fighters toured Sweden as part of their 2015 World Tour with Grohl encountering some major health issues following a small fall from the stage in Gothenburg. Actually, Grohl fell over 2 meters to the floor during the bands rendition of Monkey Wrench, shattering bones in his leg and dislocating his ankle. An apologetic Dave handed over the reigns of the concert to Drummer Taylor Hawkins. Grohl told the crowd he would go the hospital to get this leg fixed but promised to return. Return he did. The incident gave birth to the band's famous "Rock Throne" which followed for the remained of the tour. 

Check out the clip here