City Jobs vs Country Jobs

We often hear about calls for equality in the workplace.

Equality as in equal outcomes, not necessarily equal opportunities.

Well, Paris is known as the city of lights, and maybe now a lightbulb has gone off at City Hall.

The city has been fined by the French government for employing too many WOMEN!


The city uses a policy of not employing more than sixty percent of one gender to management positions (not 65% as I noted on air), and the 11-5 bias towards women in 2018 resulted in a fine of roughly $180,000.

Isn’t it nice that France can obsess over such minutiae?

After all, France can hand out fines for too many people being employed, while we on the EP can’t find enough people to fill all the jobs!

L’Anse Tumby Café has had to close to restructure due to a lack of available employees.

Recruitment Agents are unable to find candidates to fill roles.

Pubs are grabbing people at random.

We’ve even got jobs going here at 5CC!

Compare the approach of the big city with the bush.

We’ll put people in jobs and get on with it.

But the city has to tick all these boxes to fill all these different criteria.

Isn’t it nice to live a much simpler existence?

There isn’t the need to fill in endless paperwork.

There’s the ability to enjoy your downtime after the day is done.

And you just do your job and get on with it.

It’s a good life here.

And, just quietly, it could be an even better life if you come to work with us!

Just sayin’!