Workers Workers Everywhere

Fresh off the back of news last week that regional areas of South Australia are among the fastest to have removed themselves from the JobKeeper payment comes news that unemployed singles in the cities are complaining loudest about a lack of job openings just as regional vacancies are through the roof.

Now the Federal Government is going to increase the JobSeeker payment for those without work.

Yet, at the very same time, the Human Services Minister is telling young singles in the cities to move to the regions for work.

I’m sure I’m not the only one confused by this rationale.

The argument that is being made about the increase in Jobskeer is that $40 a day to live off is unsustainable.

That may be so.

But JobSeeker isn’t the only payment available to people.

There’s all manger of accommodation allowances, living payments and other subsidies.

Yet this is being done just as regional areas are crying out for workers.

If there was no work anywhere, I could understand it.

But when we have jobs going unfilled in regional areas, and even rural businesses closing because they can’t find workers, it’s a bit rich, pardon the pun, to say unemployed people need a payment increase in the cities.

On the flipside, perhaps the government should introduce a regional relocation allowance?

If you live in a big city, and need to move to a regional area for work, maybe the government will cover your moving costs?

This will ensure more workers in the regions, while also bringing down the unemployment rate.

I admit the idea of more government spending makes me shudder after what has already been rolled out during the thing, but we’re crying out for workers in regional Australia, and the cities have plenty to spare right now.