My Kingdom For A Straight Answer On Pubs

Last week SAPOL commissioner Grant Stevens announced that pub capacity limits could soon be lifted.

This would be based an “optimal” amount of vaccinations achieved in the community.


Thanks Commissioner!

By the way, what do the health boffins mean by “optimal” number of vaccinations?


I don’t usually hear crickets chirping in the studio….

Oh, by the way, this whole “optimal” number won’t be discussed until next week, either.

*sighs deeply*

It’s become apparent recently there’s thing fatigue in SA, and right around the nation.

But who is to blame for this fatigue?

And is it fatigue, or cynicism?

Is it even fear?

When will pubs get back to full strength? IMAGE: Elevate/Canva

Consider this.

The Federal Government has moved the goalposts on the whole re-opening of borders issue more than Kane Cornes and Eddie McGuire on the prison bars debate.

The SA Government, via the Commissioner and Nicola Spurrier, can’t decide if QR codes are here to stay or if they’re simply a pandemic measure and will go into deep storage as soon as possible.

Then the health boffins can’t even agree on when they’ll talk about the big issues, but they make a big announcement about making the announcement of talks.

Then you’ve got the sensationalists in the papers and on TV talking about how dangerous the AZ vaccine is, not mentioning there is a higher danger of blood clots in other medications commonly used today.

That’s in line with the federal health types saying over 50s can get the AZ vaccine, but under 50s should wait, but under 50s shouldn’t wait because we won’t open up until we get vaccinated, but we won’t necessarily open up just because everyone’s vaccinated.

You know what?

I don’t think this is fatigue.

I think this is just people being so confused about what to believe from official sources, who seem so confused themselves they can’t tie their own shoelaces.

So rather than announcements about announcements about talks about talks, or warnings for some people but not others, but those warnings go for those people too, just make it simple.

Give us a date for pubs getting back to normal, or give us a number of vaccines administered before pubs get back to normal.

It felt odd to be down at the Pier last week with other members of the 5CC early starters team and seeing the place half empty, and it can't be helping the publicans either.

Seriously, all this back and forth is enough to drive a teetotaller to drink.

Well, it would be if the pubs knew what the hell was going on and how many people they can let in.