Whalers Way: What's Next?

Last week I had a bit to say about the protests around Whalers Way, and the vandalism that has gone with it.

It looks as though those pleas have all been for nought though, as approval was given yesterday for rocket launches to take place.

There’s two points to take from this.

It’s good to see those who have sought to protest by way of defacing public property have seen their efforts bear no fruit.

I won’t get into that as I covered that issue off pretty well last week.

The other issue here is the way in which higher tech jobs are coming, as a result, to the EP.

We have a launch site at Koonibba, and we’ve known for a while what the intent for Whalers Way was.

What else does a rocket launch site mean? IMAGE: John Kraus/Astra (Wikipedia)

This means more jobs, which means either more housing or higher house prices as demand goes up.

But with higher tech jobs coming, and more people arriving on the EP as a result, does this mean that infrastructure will keep up?

I’m not thinking hospitals or roads here, although those will come under consideration.

I’m thinking about a university campus.

We’ve seen the huge school build going on in Whyalla, and the Marshall Government has made clear that it’s all about jobs given the debate around the stadium construction that Leon Byner raises on a consistent basis.

If building is the mantra of the Marshall Government, why not expand the building agenda by lobbying the federal government for a Uni campus on the Lower EP?

Rowan Ramsey has called for one for a while, but he’s been a lone voice.

So let’s double down on the arrival of the scientists and technically minded people on the EP.

Bring a uni campus to Port Lincoln.

It will boost the local economy, allow students to stay close to home, and give them a greater incentive to stay within the community longer term.

And it might even bring a few more things to keep the kids occupied so they don’t get up to any mischief.

Win win?