Pets on Planes? That's rough...

The debate has been going for a week or so now, with a push to allow dogs to fly in the main cabin on aircraft.

Isn’t it nice to know we’re dealing with the big issues?

This is on the back of a decision by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to allow pets in cabins, at the discretion of airlines, from 2 December.

Given there are several million people who cannot fly into South Australia, amongst other states and territories, without going into mandatory quarantine, is this REALLY the biggest issue in aviation?

I realise people have been doing it tough, but is having Fido or Missy in the passenger seat next to you really the best change that airlines can make?

This comes after Canberra Airport CEO Stephen Byron threatened to can all flights from the capital to both Adelaide and Perth because of the border uncertainty causing economic havoc for his staff.

And I think he’s got a point.

Pets in plane cabins pose a few questions. IMAGE: Imre Juhasz/Canva

What’s the use in scheduling these flights, and staff budgeting for work shifts, when they get cancelled at short notice?

I realise it’s a health and safety decision, but isn’t there a point at which we have to think about the wellbeing of airline staff?

I’ve been a rather consistent critic of REX Airlines, but even I have to feel for their staff with such uncertainty around staffing arrangements just as REX expands into major routes like Sydney-Melbourne.

If this is the biggest challenge facing the aviation industry right now, I’ll walk to Whyalla.

But what about the change itself?

Anyone who has owned a dog, or been in the vicinity of a dog, knows how ordinary it can be if a dog decides now is the time it needs to do what comes naturally.

Are we really going to let those smells loose in a confined space?

And what about dogs who won’t shut up?

Will there be pre-flight flea inspections?

I’ll admit I’m not a pet person, but I would think even the most ardent dog lover must admit there are so many potential problems here it’s not funny.

I’m not opposed to dogs in airports, as it’s a much larger space, but surely when you’re talking about such cramped conditions as a plane, there’s some things that just won’t work, which includes Gizmo and Fluffy having the run of the place.