All Hail the Doggy Bag!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever been to a restaurant and had a meal which was incredibly good but also incredibly filling, with the only disappointment being that I couldn’t take the rest home with me.

And it seems the French are taking this issue to heart.

Because now it seems that doggy bags are compulsory in French restaurants!

This is designed to combat a rising issue of food waste in France.

My question is, why don’t all restaurants provide doggy bags?

The humble doggy bag. IMAGE: The Eloquent Peasant/Wikipedia

We know that take away is the ultimate doggy bag, obviously, but why don’t other, more formal, establishments offer the same opportunity?

I would have thought that popping the leftovers in a container was the ultimate compliment to the chef.

Is it so wrong that you ordered something and couldn’t finish it?

Sometimes there are places that offer meals much larger than you anticipate.

In my past life of politics, it was considered a rule that the more expensive the fundraising event, the more likely it was you’d need to make a pit stop at a servo or a late night Macca run on the way home courtesy of the small portion sizes.

So why shouldn’t we applaud places that serve such good food that you want to take it home?

And why would restaurants think it was a slur on their reputation to provide (High pitched gasp) take away!? Oh my heavens!

I love that take away is pretty much standard anywhere on the EP, because it gives a chance for others who might not have visited an eatery to get a taste of what they’re all about.

And there is also the benefit of not wasting food, it’s true.

More power to the doggy bag!