A 3 Game AFL Grand Final?

Former West Coast Eagle Karl Langdon has been spouting a new theory about the finals series over the last couple of weeks.

It turns out that Karl thinks it is a great idea to revert to a six team finals series and then play a best of three grand final series, with the MCG hosting game one, the higher ranked team game two, and the lowest ranked team game three.

I know I’m a very new, green person when it comes to this Aussie Rules caper, but I have to ask: When were illicit substances legalised in WA?

We’re playing three grand finals now?

One grand final is tough enough, let alone three.

Do you remember the outrage of the last time we had to go to a SECOND grand final?

Collingwood and St Kilda were positively perplexed by the rules surrounding extra time, or lack thereof, after a single game.

Can you imagine the controversy if someone set out to destroy a guy in a 2nd grand final, knowing he would be missing for the 3rd?

Why are we playing a deciding match on the ground of the team that deserves to be there less?

As for the top six, how would that work?

Both teams one and two get a week off to begin with, and then immediate elimination?

Does the winner go straight to a decider with the usual problem of consecutive weeks off?

The jury’s still out on if that week off after a first up win is good given the finals bye week.

I appreciate the sentiment behind Langdon’s idea is that mediocrity can sometimes be rewarded by a team with a losing record making the eight.

But you know when that usually happens?

It’s when you get super dominant teams going around schooling the league.

If a top eight is so terrible, why not just return to the old top five, with no bye week?

That way the minor premiers really do get an added advantage, and the top three still get the second bite at the cherry.

If the A-League soccer has taught us anything, it’s that the top six offers insufficient reward for finishing atop the standings.

At least we should be grateful for one thing.

The abomination that is the McIntyre top eight, of 1v8, 2v7 etc., has been abandoned.

Let’s just leave the finals alone as is.

If you want to make a change, cut the bye week!

As a fan of a sport that has taken a whole weekend off for one rep game over the last few years, I sympathise with fans who have nothing to do on a particular weekend, knowing there’s games next weekend.

Be a positive force for change.

Down with the bye week!