EP Shows Update

It’s getting warmer, which means it is almost time for show season on the EP.

We know that the Port Lincoln Show has been postponed from its usual August timeslot due to restrictions around the thing, but we are hopeful of it returning later in the year, and October has already been bandied around for a possible timeframe.

That comes on top of the outright cancellation of the Royal Adelaide Show, so we’re hankering for some shows to attend, and on the EP we have some good news.

Our EP Shows aren't quite this glamorous, but that's the charm of them! IMAGE: Canva

At this stage, the Wudinna show is due to go ahead on September 18, and we’re due to catch up with Craig from Wudinna Council shortly so we will try and get that locked in.

Kerri is coming up shortly as well for an update on Kimba, so we’ll try and confirm the Kimba Show, which is currently scheduled for September 25, which is also AFL Grand Final Day.

The traditional public holiday Monday in October is still showing the Yallunda Flat Show going ahead, and I quite enjoyed it when I attended in 2019 just quietly, before Cummins is due to go ahead on October 9, the following weekend.

The Cleve Show is then due on October 16 as well, so we might be waiting until late October, maybe even November for the Port Lincoln Show to be rescheduled, but I think that’s something we can cope with just to see the show return!

Is there something in particular you look forward to when the shows come to town?