The Future of Live Music Is Where?

We have heard much about the challenges faced by the tourism sector with the border closures caused by the thing.

However, what of musicians?

Live music is the lifeblood of many venues, and is the opportunity for many bands and artists to get their first look in with the recording industry.

And with so many other nations opening up while we continue to stay closed, many bands are heading abroad for a crack at restarting their lives.

And I have to ask… is this really surprising?

When your entire livelihood is about getting out and providing people with entertainment in person (We know how great a concert is, even when you still love the album), it shouldn’t surprise too much.

And now the federal government has dropped by with a new grant for musicians to go and perform overseas!

Oh how I miss this...

Did I miss a memo?

The federal government.

Of Australia.

Is paying musicians.

To leave the country!

If you pitched this as a sit com plot, you’d get laughed out of the office for it being too far fetched.

But this is what our government is doing now.

If you’re an Aussie yearning to see a band, it’s no to you, get back in your house.

But if you’re a band, we’ll pay for you to go overseas and get your life back!

This is where there’s two sides to this discussion.

It’s great to see musicians getting out and about across the world again.

More power to them.

But, in the words of Pink, what about us?

Thankfully the authorities are still allowing the Cleve Harvest Music Festival to go ahead at the end of October, but what about more intimate gigs?

Surely there has to be consideration given to smaller venues than a field days site?

Or is that just too difficult for the bureaucracy?

Let’s allow our musos to play gigs at home!