Is Port SA's Team?

I might not have been brought up with the Crows… or the Power… or even Aussie Rules footy… but I was certainly brought up on the basis of a rivalry founded on hatred and jealousy in State of Origin.

And one of the great things about Origin was that, no matter what, you never forgave and forgot grudges from those games.

Which is why I’m so confused about the Port Adelaide cheersquad.

1200px Port Adelaide Football Club logosvg

Would Crows fans really cheer for this logo?

Check this out from the Sunday Mail on 29 August.

If you can’t read the image itself, the important line is this:

““The boys are no longer just playing for us, but for the state … they’ll be trying to give the whole of South Australia a lift during what’s been a difficult circumstance (due to Covid).”

As I say, I was brought up on a rivalry of hatred and jealousy, so I know a thing or two about putting that aside.

And I never fully could.

I could never fully support a Queenslander playing for Australia, even though I should.

And that was about the national team.

So, I ask, what kind of snowball’s chance in Hades do Port have of getting Crows fans to don the silver, teal, black and white?

Playing for the whole state?

I can only assume this is some kind of extra strong effort to try and rub it in the face of Crows fans that Port is in a prelim final, and Adelaide isn’t.

Because, seriously, if the roles were reversed, would Port fans REALLY get behind the Crows in a prelim?

In rugby league speak in club land, as a Western Suburbs boy, we had a saying: I support two teams – Wests, and whoever is playing Manly.

And I dare say this operates for SA AFL fans.

Crows fans cheer for Adelaide and whoever is playing Port.

And for Power fans, it’s vice versa.

Am I right here, or have I got it wrong?

I have noticed that South Australians, regardless of where they live in the state, are more relaxed, polite and even forgiving.

But, seriously, that cannot possibly extend to putting aside one of the most bitter footy rivalries, right?

Surely nothing would satisfy Crows fans more than a thumping Bulldogs win on Saturday night?

Or maybe, now I think of it, a one point Bulldogs victory?

Are you, Crows fans, ACTUALLY cheering on the hated enemy?