The Regional Road Toll

One of the things that has been absolutely blissful since I arrived on the EP from Sydney is the traffic.

More accurately, the complete lack of traffic.

Even at those moments where you get stuck at the Hallett Place-Lewis Street roundabout for 30 seconds, it beats anything in Sydney, or Melbourne, or most capital cities for that matter.

The only problem is that this has meant that, with less traffic, we travel at speed more often, on roads we become very familiar with, and this might explain the latest road toll figures.

The road toll in regional SA is way too high. IMAGE: Canva

Sadly, an incredible 72 percent of lives lost on SA roads this year have been on rural and regional roads.

While the condition of roads outside Adelaide has been a bugbear for many years for many hundreds of thousands of people, is there something to be said for being overly familiar with roads and becoming complacent?

It’s quite possible, given the number of fines issued on regional roads in our state have increased 37 percent based on 2018-19 figures.

It’s one of the curses that comes with the blessing of almost no traffic… except those trucks you can’t see past on single lane highways.

Because so much of our lives become routine in small communities, a lot of the time we simply do things based on muscle memory.

In fact, just the other day going home, I had someone go straight through the intersection of Oxford Terrace and New West Road and almost take me out as I was turning right.

While no traffic is a blessing, it doesn’t mean we can stop paying attention.

And with school holidays just a day away, we’re sure to see an increase in traffic over the next fortnight, so please take extra care on the roads, even outside the school holidays.