Regional Teaching Incentives

So it seems the Education Department has finally figured out there’s a dearth of professionals in regional SA.

So much so that the department has decided to bring forth a rather large incentive programme to entice teachers to the regions.

But this issue is not limited to just teachers.

Why the teacher shortage in rural SA? IMAGE: Canva

The other vital professional class, doctors, are also in short supply in rural and regional SA.

Which begs the question, what to do?

Well, if the shortage is right across regional SA, and not just in pockets of it, maybe that indicates there’s a problem with Adelaide paying enough attention to regional SA.

After all, when it comes to infrastructure, we’re not exactly swimming in it, and I use that term advisedly.

Public pools are considered a basic element of council operations, but there’s not too many on the EP.

Yes, we’re blessed by coastlines, but is it really feasible for formal swimming lessons to be held at Sleaford Bay?

What about birthing facilities at the hospitals?

Apparently if you’re having twins, it’s off to Adelaide for you.

Wow, a trip in a plane or a seven hour drive must be enticing to a pregnant woman.

Maybe there wouldn’t be such a shortage if consideration was given to decentralization, either.

South Australia is the second most centralised state in the nation, behind only WA.

When you have the capital absorbing so much of the surrounding population, it’s little wonder the bush misses out.

Perhaps if the state government chose to move some of its departments out of Adelaide, we might see some movement on infrastructure.

And when I say move them out of Adelaide, I mean REALLY move them out of Adelaide.

Aside from a few satellite offices for the Department of Primary Industries, look at where they are based.

If those who made the decisions lived here, we might not experience shortages of people so important as doctors and teachers.

We might even get a few more overtaking lanes on the Lincoln and Eyre Highways if we’re lucky.

Make it happen Premier!

Bring the jobs here, and the infrastructure too.