Council Election Candidates

We’ve all known that sometimes Councils can be a rather challenging environment in which to get anything done.

And now the state government has introduced legislation changing things up a little for Council elections.

As of the next elections, due in around 12 months from now, candidates will not only need “to include a short statement on whether they live in the council areas or wards they are contesting”, but they will also have to disclose if they are members of a particular political party.

Will declaring party membership change Council voting patterns? IMAGE: Canva

Does the allegiance of a candidate influence the way you might treat them as an independent?

Because if a candidate is elected as an independent, that doesn’t mean the party controls them.

This is different to a candidate being an endorsed candidate, as that’s when they are bound by their party’s internal rules of loyalty.

We’re blessed on the EP to avoid most of the dramas that go with city based Councils, which could go toe to toe with Neighbours and Home and Away for the title of world’s dodgiest soap operas.

Does the declaration mean we’re going to start seeing more party endorsed candidates at Council elections?

Does this also mean that Council elections will involve compulsory voting?

As regular listeners know, I’ve got a background in politics and government, and this just strikes me as a really strange move by a state government that, frankly, has much more important things to think about at the moment.

In fact, one might say that Port Lincoln locals are getting more salty over other things, pardon the pun.

But how will this notice be given?

Will it be declared on the ballot paper?

Will it be declared on corflutes as you enter the booth?

Will you get a letter telling you about this?

Or can it still be buried on a nomination form which is only available by following a maze which makes Glen Forest look easy?

Given how close we are to the next state election, surely the state government has better things to worry about, like ensuring Wudinna has a doctor?

Just a thought….