Where's the Regional Housing?

So it came to pass that someone from Adelaide noticed a situation unfolding in regional SA.

Apparently it is now breaking news in town that there is a housing shortage in rural and regional SA.

Anyone who has tried getting a rental in Tumby Bay, or anywhere along the eastern side of the EP, or, well, anywhere outside Lincoln, could have told you that.

There's a housing shortage in regional SA... took them long enough to figure it out. IMAGE: Canva

There’s jobs to be had in such a situation too, not that you’d believe there were jobs out there according to the latest missive from the Australian Council for Social Services.

There are businesses screaming out for staff on the EP, some businesses being forced to close and/or relocate because of the difficulty in finding staff.

There’s a shortage of housing in those same areas, meaning that rural and regional areas, like ours, literally can’t get enough people in to fill the jobs going.

Now, I readily admit I grew up in the biggest city in the nation, and I also acknowledge there’s a dearth of people prepared to relocate for work opportunities, but at what point does this become a tipping point for governments?

At what point should we start pointing the finger at the feds about the level of unemployment benefits being dished out.

Alternatively, how long do we wait until we start sheeting the blame home to state governments because of their policies in preventing people working?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we want those in the know to pay attention to the issues in the regions, make them live in the regions.

If you want governments to actually put money into the regions, move government departments to the regions.

As long as the decision makers are housed in their ivory towers in downtown Adelaide, they won’t ever discover the real extent of the problems faced on the EP, or other regional areas of SA.

I propose we start by relocating the Department of Environment and Water to the EP.

If they were relocated here, they might even fix the other problem ignorant city bureaucrats have created here.