Increasing Risk for the Kids

We all took a tumble or two as kids… or at least I did.

It was all part of growing up and learning how to make a judgement call for yourself.

But these days, any child that gets even close to the semblance of danger is pulled back.

There’s a borderline obsession about making sure kids are kept away from danger.

Not just for the kids, but also to make sure that parents don’t sue for damages as well, in our ever more litigious society.

But does that make for a better adult?

Apparently not, according to the powers that be in Germany.

They’ve decided that, rather than decreasing the risk in playgrounds for kids, the risk level needs to go up instead.

Should playgrounds be more risky for kids? IMAGE: Canva

And, of all groups driving this change, it’s not government.

No, it’s insurance companies!

Yes, German insurance companies are calling for high risk kids playgrounds.

Obviously we’re not talking about broken glass and rusted metal shards.

But just make it challenging for kids.

That way kids don’t just develop their motor skills, but they also develop an appreciation for the own natural limitations.

After all, didn’t we all reach a point we thought we were bulletproof?

For some of us, that lasted a little longer than others.

Compared with me, everyone probably did better!

As I say, I’m not calling for carte blanche, and the train playground in Port Lincoln probably did need a bit of a looking at.

However, what’s wrong with kids getting a couple of bumps and bruises, and learning about the realities of life?

It certainly beats the alternative of an over protected generation not being able to do anything for themselves.

Which got me thinking, what were some of the highlights of playgrounds when you grew up?