What a Stinker

Question: How do you cause a stink?

Answer: By not collecting the bins.

No, that’s not a terrible joke, but an actual suggestion coming from over in the capital.

Some Adelaide Councils are trialling weekly green bin trials, with food scraps included in the plant and lawn clippings, to reduce the need to collect red bins.

But wait, we already have green bins, right?

Well, no.

So many bins, so few collections if you're in Adelaide apparently. IMAGE: Canva

The recycling bins in Port Lincoln might have a green lid, but these are considered yellow bins.

Yes, this gets complicated, but stick with me.

Red bins are for our standard waste, things like used nappies, used tissues and other regular, unsavoury items.

The yellow bin, which is actually green in Lincoln, is the recycling bin.

Then there’s the green bin, which is even greener for some reason.

The green bin, right now, is about lawn trimmings, branches, leaves and other gardening waste that naturally occurs.

The trial occurring right now in Adelaide involves fortnightly general waste collection, with weekly recycling and green waste collection.

Now, let’s put aside the fact that we’re still seeing recycling bins trialled here on the EP.

The better question is how, exactly, do these people think new parents could cope with such a change.

They claim that, after food scraps get moved along, and plastics are properly sorted, there wouldn’t be much.

I’m not a parent, but I saw the way my sister coped with my niece as a newborn.

And, not to judge the parenting experiences of these people, but there’s a reason babies are labelled as poop machines.

Surely there’s someone in Adelaide with the common sense to suggest that maybe, just maybe, general waste collection on a fortnightly basis won’t work.

It’s enough of a challenge to get recycling rolled out in rural and regional areas without worrying about how to deal with those nappies piling up.

And I don’t know about you, but the prospect of having a bin sitting next door for a fortnight, hitting overflow doesn’t exactly appeal.

I’m all onboard with green bins and yellow bins.

I grew up with them.

But it was general waste weekly, with green and recycling on alternative weeks.

Nobody ever complained.

And if you wanted to include food scraps with green waste, by all means, go for it!

But keep picking up our red bin regularly.


Anything else would just be causing a stink.