Why the Vandalism?

Earlier this week I teed off on the acts of vandalism in Adelaide schools and the subsequent removal of toilet doors.

As part of my spiel, I mentioned how pleased I was that this wasn’t occurring on the EP.


Why is vandalism on the rise? IMAGE: Canva

I wasn’t yet aware of footpath works being undertaken by Port Lincoln Council being targeted by vandals unfortunately.

And that’s alongside playground attacks in Ceduna.

What exactly is it about property that doesn’t belong to them that makes vandals think they can go and do whatever they want?

They say that kids are simply impressionable and follow the actions of their parents, no matter how much kids might think they’re actually rebelling.

Maybe they’re just following the lead of those people who vandalised Whalers Way when they found out Southern Launch was moving in?

In fact, it’s been almost 12 months since I blogged about those “adults” who thought the best way to preserve the natural beauty of Whalers Way was to… vandalise it.

Maybe that’s where we can start in trying to figure out why kids think vandalism is perfectly acceptable.

If kids can’t trust their elders to set a positive example, what right to we have to bag them?