What's In A Name?

Sometimes you have to stand by your name, even when things get tough.

It’s like anything in life.

When you make a commitment, that’s what you’re in for.

Whether it’s a sporting team, a job, a marriage, or a business.

You commit, you stick, you stay.

Not necessarily so, in the case of REX Airlines.

What's In A Name? IMAGE: Canva

In what might be news only to the airline’s operators, REX stands for Regional Express.

Although, given they’ve recently ditched six regional routes (five in NSW plus Sydney to Canberra as well as Adelaide to KI) while upping their Sydney-Melbourne services and complaining about competition, it may well be news to the airline.

It’s one thing to expand your reach as a business, but if you brand yourself as regional, don’t you have an obligation to, you know, BE regional?

I know some people will say I’m being unfair, after what Qantas did with its maintenance a few years ago, but I don’t see Qantas dropping Port Lincoln to Adelaide routes in order to get into the London to New York market.

This is what happens when you steer away from what you set out to do in order to try and get a bigger chunk of cash from somewhere else that isn’t even on the radar.

How long until REX ditches Ceduna? And Port Lincoln?

Can we get a guarantee that this won’t happen?

Because it seems to me that it is pretty important for a regional airline to maintain regional services.

Call me crazy if you want, but that feels kind of like a big deal.

So if REX is struggling in the big markets because of competition, why not ditch those routes for something a bit closer to home?

Stand by your name, and brand, no matter how tough it can be.