Is Luxury Tourism For Us?

Covid has caused untold disruption to thousands, and it has also rung in quite a few changes to the travel scene, both internationally and domestically.

Among these is the desire for more high end domestic travel experiences due to the inaccessible nature, for so long, of international travel.

And with the dramas around Perlubie Beach recently, there’s now an opportunity to assess what may be the best way to preserve our natural attractions while also ensuring we make maximum financial profits out of them.

Aside from avoiding the dumping problems, the most reasonable approach seems to be what is happening in Tasmania.

Go for the high end tourism market.

Luxury tourism could provide a big  boost for the EP. IMAGE: Canva

It makes sense on every level.

Top end tourism requires top end views and environments, which mean we need to keep things clean and free of rubbish.

A tourism attraction needs to be appealing, so there’s another incentive to stay clean.

It generates income, so we can invest rejuvenating bushland when it’s a bit down and out due to the weather.

It opens up our region to more people, encouraging more people to move in, which even encourages more infrastructure and government services, because when has the EP ever been short of basic services?

And with extra income, we can put in p[lace other tourism infrastructure, like toilets, so those who don’t have huge money to spend won’t be going to the toilet in the bush, but rather in proper facilities.

It’s the perfect opportunity if we’re serious about encouraging people to move to the regions in SA, and to also encourage more tourism dollars to boost the economies of our smaller towns, so it’s not all just based on the Lower EP.

Everyone wins, so can we get on board and help out our tourism industry?

Let’s make it happen.