How To Build A Winner

As part of my duties with the Sideline View, I stay updated on the scores from across the Eyre Peninsula with the footy, and sometimes those scores can be a little lopsided.

And in what will be news only to people who don’t live on the EP, there’s a few clubs which have struggled to muster up a victory in recent times.

So much so that this featured in the metro media recently.

What concerns me isn’t the fact that the less successful clubs are in the spotlight, but the fact that of the six clubs listed in the article, four of them are here on the EP.

Wirrulla, Cowell, Eyre United and Bostons have all gone more than a year, and sometimes way longer, without being able to sing the club song after the game.

And while other clubs continue to be successful, we want to see all clubs having a shot at victory.

But the question remains, how do we best do this?

So I want to throw this open to you.

How can we help ensure that all clubs have a real shot at winning?

Obviously we’re not going to be able to enter the world of salary caps and the like, but surely we can find a way to ensure that enough quality players make their way to all clubs?

Do we need to reconfigure the leagues so some clubs move to other competitions for a more friendly travel schedule?

Years ago in the NSW Rugby League, there was a residency rule, which required players to play for their local team.

Do we need something similar?

Let’s hear your ideas on how to make all our clubs competitive, because it’s no fun watching a thumping on the field, and it’s less fun to play in too.