No More Sick Leave for Covid?

Sometimes the disconnect between governments and reality truly beggars belief.

But at least governments talk to each other, right?

I’m here all week, try the veal!

Yes, it seems the federal hand doesn’t know what the state hand is doing these days when it comes to Covid, which is strange given how keen the state government is to talk up the possibility of mask mandates returning.

Nonetheless, Club Fed, as some people call it, has decided to cut Covid sick leave payments for people needing to isolate.

Got Covid? No more pandemic leave for you. IMAGE: Canva

And I have no issue with this whatsoever.

As federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers has made clear, there’s no endless money tree and some things have to go.

Therefore, the state government would look at picking up the slack, right?


Instead, Premier Pete looks like he wants masks to make a comeback, with people continuing to isolate.

So why should the state government put in place its own pandemic leave payments if it’s going to continue to force people to stay home?

Well, the answer is as simple as you broke it, you bought it.

Even Unions SA has cottoned on to what will happen if people are given no pandemic payment but are banned from working when sick.

No testing, brush it off as a cold, and go about your business.

Unlike the unions, I think this is on the state government, because Albo, for all his faults, isn’t the one telling us we have to stay home when we catch it.

We’re always told, as individuals, that if you break an item in a shop then you bought it.

So if Premier Pete is telling us to skip work, and a paycheque, shouldn’t he have to pay for it now the feds won’t?

It makes sense, so it probably won’t happen…