Ditching the Bandits

We often hear about how so many venues are trying to become more family friendly, but for many places those words are just that: words.

Not in the case of Lincoln South footy club.

Down on Tennant Street they’re walking the walk by ditching the pokies.

You won't find these at Lincoln South Footy Club any more. IMAGE: Canva

This comes on the back of a move by the Port Lincoln Football and Netball Associations to forge some closer links.

We know that Bostons and Waybacks operate in both sports, and that Tasmans/Imperials and Marble Range/Wanilla are effectively doing the same, but the move by St Marys netball club to team up with Lincoln South appears to be paying dividends.

This kind of flies in the face of so many sporting organisations, right across the country, that have relied so heavily on the one armed bandit.

There’s still even AFL and NRL clubs heavily reliant on them.

But the new business model looks like it’s taking off, and good on Lincoln South for taking that important step.

One can only hope, now, that the sponsors will get on board to support the club taking the right steps.

After all, us poker players are doing our part to help! (1:30pm Sundays, if you’re keen…)