Fill Up, Fill Up

For my last blog, I want to leave you with some good news.

And it’s good on two fronts.

The first are reports of fuel prices finally starting to drop.

Not only in Adelaide as reported over the weekend, but here on the EP too.

Probably best to fill up now. IMAGE: Canva

Ampol Hallett Place was under $2 a litre yesterday as I was driving home, which reminds me I had probably best fill up this afternoon.

And don’t forget that we often lag behind Adelaide and other capital cities in our price shifts because we don’t have the demand they do, nor do we have cycles here.

And given the federal government won’t be making the excise reduction permanent, now is the best time to fill up.

But given how quickly cap city fuel prices are falling, this may be the start of something much nicer when it comes to the cost of living.

It’s been a brutal run when it comes to inflation, so much so that I was pleasantly surprised to see tomatoes going for ONLY ten dollars a kilo the other day (I know, I know…), but if fuel is going to start dropping, then maybe inflation more broadly could start seeing its peak, and maybe a reduction.

There’s no guarantees, and it’s still best to fill up now to ensure you don’t get stung, but if prices keep dropping, then you can take a long drive from Lincoln to Streaky, or from Kimba to Coffins.

If prices stay up, then you’ve prepared yourself against price rises.

Time is of the essence, but just be nice to those other motorists queuing for fuel.

We’re all struggling to rises in the cost of living, so a little understanding goes a long way.


And thank you for tuning in with me for the last three years.

I’m sticking around in town, and looking to getting up WITH you, rather than way before you!

I’ll still be on The Sideline View, so wish me luck as I continue through the sporting season with Beebs!