In sport, there’s always been a winner and a loser (go away draw, nobody likes you), but South Australian parents and teachers want that all to change.



According to a story in the Adelaide Advertiser, up to a third of South Australian parents and teachers want school sports days to see students compete against themselves rather than others, with trophies and certificates banned.

The teachers even went a step further and decided they wanted to do away with certificates in the classroom too.

The survey was conducted by the South Australian Association of State School Organisations (I think students should get a certificate in kindy if they can just say that name…) after a school in Ballarat made personal bests a focus of their school sports day.

I’m all on board with personal bests.

However, I must admit that, as the kid who got picked on for being a nerd, I always wanted that certificate at the end of the year to show myself it was all worth it.

AFL legend Danny Frawley wasn’t on board with the idea either:

And Brody of Saturday Winter Sports Show fame wasn’t impressed either:

Seems we’re pretty competitive here on the EP!