Hollywood is a place for dramatic and artistic licence. After all, Hollywood was just a sleepy little town before the film and entertainment industry arrived to turn it into the most artificial, big-ego creative, personality-driven place in the world.

However, even with the creativity and other things I can’t actually use the right word for on a family blog, some things were always considered off limits.

Disney never made anything inappropriate for families… then that changed.

Hollywood was always very patriotic… then that changed too.

Hollywood claimed to be full of genuine people despite being full of phonies… well, that’s never changed!

But now we have a British film franchise throwing everything we know out the door.

James Bond 007 is no longer. Now it appears we will have just James Bond, with his licence to kill handed over to a new character, to be played by Lashana Lynch.

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But what is Bond without his 007 licence to kill?

Will JAMES Bond cease to exist?

What is Star Wars without far fetched storylines that take place long ago but somehow in the future?

What is Star Trek without full on sci-fi nerds wearing weird ears?

What is an Oscars ceremony without someone complaining about a particular group not being properly represented?

I appreciate that change is inevitable everywhere, and I have no objection to Idris Elba being the next Bond, even though I think Tom Hardy is made for the role.

But is nothing sacred anymore, even in the realm of storytelling?

So, should James Bond keep his 007 licence? Or is even the most clearly chauvinist, old school imagery now destined for the scrapheap?

As far as I’m concerned, long live James Bond and his snooty way of ordering a weak martini (If you shake the ice, it chips and melts…), his old school sexism which teaches us how NOT to behave in female company in this day and age, and his licence to kill!